Three Mens Morris board game - designed and made by Gemma Goodall

This ancient game of strategy has been played for at least two thousand years and was widely enjoyed throughout the Roman Empire. Other versions are known such as Nine Mens Morris and Twelve Mens Morris. The game was also known as Mill, Mills, Merels or Merrills and was very popular in Medieval times.

This version of the game has been handmade by Gemma Goodall of Antares Design. The strong linen board was hand-made with a sewing machine. The stones were selected by hand from Norfolk beaches and have been polished for your enjoyment. They are Red Jasper (a chalcedony gemstone of naturally coloured silica – associated with physical strength, vitality and stability) and quartzite (metamorphosed sandstone, associated with balance).

The rules for Three Mens Morris – an ancient game of strategy for two players. One player has three stones of one colour, the other player has three stones of another colour. The board has nine points where stones can be placed (at each ‘point’ of the star, and in the centre of the star). Players take turns in placing their stones on any of these points that are vacant. The goal is to arrange your three stones in a row (across, down, or diagonal) before your opponent does – including by blocking their ability to do so with your stones (as in noughts and crosses). Sometimes a winning row can be formed before all stones are placed. If not, once all the stones are on the board players take turns to slide their stones into vacant positions. No ‘hopping’ over stones is allowed. Stones can only be moved one space at a time to an adjacent position, but moving back to a previous position in the next move is allowed. Whoever creates a row of three of their stones first, wins!

What you get:: 6 polished stones as 'counters' or 'men' (three of each colour); one handmade cloth board with the lines of the board stitched in to it (can be rolled or folded); one set of instructions and rules (including a short description of the history of the game); and a cloth bag with a drawstring to hold all the contents of the game. See the image to the left!

Costs in GB pounds: 6.50 (plus postage).
We accept PayPal. Contact us for details or to place an order (email address at the bottom of this page).

We accept PayPal. Contact us for details or to place an order (email address at the bottom of this page).
Hand-made cards depicting this unusual 'green man' sculpture will soon be available as well.

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