Gemma Goodall is a multimedia artist, designing and making greetings cards, cushions, clothes, sculptures and plaques, using a variety of media.

Green Man plaques. This range of hand-made Green Man plaques currently includes twelve different designs and more will be available soon. They are different sizes and are available in a variety of colours and finishes but all are weatherproof so can be enjoyed inside or outdoors. Click on an image below to find out more
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Lino-cut cards, individually printed by hand:

Venus figures, made to match the orginal archaeological specimens as closely as possible (and currently the most accurate available). We have the Willendorf and Lespugue Venus figures in stock, click on an image for further information.

Unique board games. Hand-made versions of ancient games. Including Three Mens Morris with polished pebbles of Jasper and Quartzite! Click on the image to find out more:

Below are some recent examples from Gemma's series of cushions which are machine embroidered and hand finished with glass beads. These include "Insectopia" concentrating on indigenous British insects (with similar greetings cards available) and a series called "underwater gardens" reflecting invertebrate aspects of marine life. The cushions are twelve or fifteen inches across, made from luxurious fabrics including saris and are available with man-made or feather fillings, or as unfilled covers. Larger images of these products can be seen by clicking on the appropriate picture.

INSECTOPIA! ~ Indigenous British Insects:

This range currently includes the following insects, but orders can be taken for specific requests: seven-spotted ladybird Coccinella septembunctata, eyed ladybird Anatis ocellata, red flea beetle Chalcoides aurea, blue flea beetle Halyica oleracea, green flea beetle Cassida verdis, maybug (cockchafer) Melolontha melolontha, pillbug Armadillidium vulgare, buff-tailed bumble bee Bombus terrestris, mayfly Ephemera danica and emperor dragonfly Anax imperator.

Underwater Gardens:

Cushions, cards, pictures and collages

Vegetational Texturals:

Mixed media textile pictures on vegetational themes: Cacti, funghi, and decaying leaves.

Various other series of cards available:

Animal Portraits:

If you are interested in commisioning a portrait of an animal, either wild or domestic, current or extinct, please do look at the examples below or click on them for larger versions.

For prices, commisions or any enquiries please email Gemma at:

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